Our Impact

2023: Building economic prosperity in Oregon

2023 marked a significant year of transformation. Established in 1997 with the mission of enhancing the quality of life for all Oregon residents, the PGE Foundation took decisive action last year by making more strategic investments in the communities we serve. We listened to the invaluable insights of our community collaborators, prioritizing initiatives that empower individuals with the tools, skills, and knowledge needed to reshape their life trajectories.

Recognizing the multifaceted challenges confronting Oregonians, we acknowledge the disproportionate burdens borne across racial, geographical and socioeconomic lines. In response, we are refocusing our efforts on career-oriented education and workforce development, recognizing these as pivotal avenues for fostering economic mobility and financial stability for all.

Our commitment to understanding and evolving remains steadfast. Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate collaborating with our partners to refine our investments in innovative career-connected learning and workforce development programs, aiming to amplify our positive impact on the lives of Oregonians.

Oregon's beauty and abundance are unparalleled. We are grateful to belong to this community and express our heartfelt appreciation to all individuals who contribute, in any capacity, to fostering a more equitable, compassionate and hopeful environment in Oregon.

2023 Impact Report

The PGE Foundation remains committed to enhancing the prosperity of marginalized Oregonians. In 2023, through grants totaling over $1.4 million, we focused on empowering rural, low-income and communities of color. Our goal was to provide these communities with the necessary skills, knowledge and resources to chart their paths to success.

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Career Pathways: Project Zero®

Building pathways to opportunity

PGE Project Zero® successfully completed its fourth year of impact in 2023, engaging young people disconnected from work and school in green job internships. Project Zero® has graduated 53 interns during that time, providing an on-ramp for underserved youth to the green job sector.

Career Pathways: Black Oregon Land Trust

Sewing Seeds For Change

Founded and led by a team of Black women, with a focus on land access and preservation, farming and food justice and cultural sovereignty, Black Oregon Land Trust (BOLT) is building thriving, sustainable food systems. BOLT is committed to reclaiming pre-colonial traditions of connecting to the land and ensuring future generations have access to housing, food, land, and community stability. PGE Foundation is pleased to include BOLT as one of our first investments in connecting BIPOC entrepreneurs to unique resources through a Career Pathways grant.

Creative Expression: Artists Repertory Theater

A new space for arts to thrive

PGE Foundation is committed to supporting organizations helping the revitalization of Portland as a thriving center for arts and culture. Artists Repertory Theater (ART) exists to produce intimate, provocative theatre and to provide a home for a diverse community of artists and audiences to take creative risks. In 2024, ART will continue this mission in a newly renovated community arts space in the Pearl District.

Education: Oregon MESA

Unleashing potential through invention and creativity

Oregon MESA empowers students through invention and engineering design programs that enable them to create and have their voices heard. The support from the PGE Foundation is helping Oregon MESA expand its programming to five additional chapters to transform the lives of students in different communities.

Career Pathways: Oregon Conservation Corps

Saving homes. Changing lives.

The Oregon Conservation Corps (OCC) not only helps protect our communities but provides valuable job skills and training for young people in Oregon. In 2023, the state offered a unique opportunity for a 5:1 match on private donations to Oregon Conservation Corps. The PGE Foundation, alongside PGE employees and other funders met the challenge to unlock $1.2 million for OCC from the State of Oregon.

Do you have a project that needs funding?

Our grants are separate from the corporate contributions of Portland General Electric. In addition to awarding project and program grants, we also award grants for operating expenses and new and existing capital construction projects for organizations whose mission, vision and values align with our funding opportunities.