Board of Directors

Angelica Espinosa

Senior Vice President Chief Legal and Compliance Officer at PGE

Photo of Jardon Jaramillo

Jardon Jaramillo, Treasurer

Senior Director of Strategic Markets Development and Transmission Integration at PGE

Julie Franz, Secretary

Executive Office Administrator at PGE

Kregg Arntson, Executive Director

Director of Community Impact at PGE

Board members

Serena Stoudamire Wesley

Director of Community Engagement and Impact at PGE

Ian Preddy

Director of Supply Chain at PGE

James Lobdell

Retired CFO and Senior Vice President of Finance at PGE

Maria Pope

CEO and president at PGE

Randy Miller

Former PGE board member

Verlea Briggs

Senior Manager of Strategic Asset Management at PGE


Michele Keever, Grants Administrator

Melissa Dubois, Program Officer