Our Story

The PGE Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Portland General Electric. Founded in 1997, the foundation was created through an endowment with the express purpose of improving the quality of life for Oregonians. Since its inception, the foundation has awarded more than $22 million to community organizations across the state.

Through the collaborative work of community organizations, our grants work to strengthen the community by empowering families, inspiring young people through creative expression, and creating clear pathways to educational and career opportunities.

We champion values that embrace diversity, equity and inclusion. Working together with community members, partners and friends, we are committed to using our time and resources to help eliminate disparities and create an equitable society where all people can reach their full potential. Read more about our commitment to equity.

Our board members and officers

The PGE Foundation’s board of directors is comprised of current and former officers, staff and directors of Portland General Electric. Board members guide the Foundation’s strategic direction, provide financial oversight and ensure grants align with focus areas and community needs.