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Carol Reed retires

In May, we wished Carol Reed a fond farewell as she embarked on her next adventure in retirement. As the passionate creator and steward of Community 101, Carol has a deep conviction that youth, given the right tools and mentors, can change the world.

She activated her convictions by spreading PGE Foundation’s student grantmaking and leadership program from two schools in 1997 to 57 schools in 2010. Community 101 will go on for generations to come thanks to The Oregon Community Foundation’s collaboration with the PGE Foundation.

Jennesa Datema at OCF is administering the program, in partnership with the PGE Foundation. For information about Community 101, contact Jennesa at 503-227-6846.

Carol Reed’s program officer duties have been passed to Rachel DeRosia who has been working in PGE’s community affairs department, coordinating sponsorships and contributions for five years. Rachel is an active community volunteer with Children’s Cancer Association, Schoolhouse Supplies, Oregon Food Bank and other nonprofits. She received an Outstanding PGE Volunteer Award in 2008. She can be reached at 503-464-8599.